Nowell's Delight CD Cover
Nowell's Delight: A Renaissance Christmas
A Renaissance Christmas Celebration collected from live Piffaro concerts.
Sweet Delights of Love CD cover
Oh! The Sweet Delights of Love
Brandywine Baroque
A collection of songs and instrumental music by Henry Purcell, Thomas Chilcot and Johann Christian Bach representative of theatre music in Restoration England.
Lass with the Delicate Air CD Cover
The Lass with the Delicate Air
Brandywine Baroque
A variety of songs and music heard in the Pleasure Gardens of London in the 17th and 18th-centuries.
Jane Austin Songbook CD cover
Jane Austenís Songbook
with Julianne Baird
A complete recording of Jane Austenís favorite vocal pieces, copied in her own hand. A must have for Austen fans.
Card Game CD cover
The Card Game by Antonio Caldara
with Julianne Baird and the Queenís Chamber Band
A charming one act chamber opera.
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